Young Children in Chicago

Indicator Maps

Click on a specific indicator below to view a map of community comparisons in population, service usage, and well-being trends. Please see the Understanding the Data section for a key to abbreviations.

Demographics Number of children ages 0-2, 2019
Number of children ages 3-5, 2019
Change in the population of children ages 0-5, 2015-2019
Percent of children ages 0-5 in poverty, 2019

Birth Indicators Percent of births with low birth weight, 2013-2017
Percent of births with prenatal care in the first trimester, 2013-2017
Birth rate (per 1000) to women ages 15-19, 2013-2017
Infant mortality rate (per 1000), 2013-2017

Health Indicators Number of children ages 0-6 with elevated blood lead levels, 2018

Economic Assistance Percent of children ages 0-5 who are enrolled in SNAP, 2017
Percent of children ages 0-5 who are enrolled in TANF, 2017

Neighborhood Indicators Non-violent (property) crime per 1,000, 2019
Violent crime per 1,000, 2019

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